Cuban Embargo Debate Ensues

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Five decades after the Cuban embargo was put in place to hopefully bring down the communist government of Cuba, the Caribbean nation’s 11 million people are still under the hard control of the Castro brothers. Recently, a conversation on it’s effectiveness has reached the national stage and many Cuban Americans are finding themselves on opposite sides of the table.

By preventing Cuba from gaining access to U.S. markets, and banning American investors from doing business, the United States hoped to end the communist government through the embargo. However, is the cost of the embargo on both the United States government to prevent interactions, and the effect on the cuban people, worth having an embargo in place that has accomplished nothing since it was enacted? Many say no.

A new poll done by the Atlantic Council of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center shows that 56 percent…

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Super Bowl XLVIII: The Aftermath

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Super Bowl XLVIII Highlights: Did the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos Win?

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