Sochi Madness: Team USA’s Best and Worst Moments from the 2014 Winter Olympics

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With a malfunction at the opening ceremony, Russia was able to bring it home and successfully close the 2014 Winter Olympics without a hitch or attack. All of Team USA’s athletes have made it home safe and sound as their event ended. Some Olympians’ dreams were shattered while others achieved their goals. The United States had there ups and down battling weather conditions and complications on their Olympic journey. Here are some of the best – and worst – moments from the sporting event.

Shaun White’s reign is over…at least for now

Two-time Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Halfpipe gold medalist Shaun White dropped out of Slopestyle days before the opening ceremony to focus more on defending his title. As one of the USA’s gold medalist favorites, White came in 4th place after falling in the final. At least he’s the most talked about athlete on Facebook, right?

Pure American sweep in Ski-Slopestyle

Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworty, and Nick Goepper – with scores in the 90s – took home gold, silver, and bronze for Team USA in the newest Olympic event: Men’s Ski Slopestyle. The United States have only swept a Winter Olympic Event two other times beforehand. The winners’ podium was totally graced with American pride.

Ice Dancing Sensation

After training together for about seventeen years, 2010 Winter Olympic silver medalist Maryl Davis and Charlie White won the judges over with their perfect performance, and took the gold away from their Canadian rivals. They not only won gold for USA but also became the first American Ice Dance Team to win gold. “We’ve grown up together in every sense of the world,” Meryl Davis said, “and I’m just so grateful that we were able to do it together.”

Hockey with the “Big Kids” was No Fun

This year, Team USA had a strong Men’s and Women’s Hockey Team, with the best in the nation competing for gold. Although powerful and quick on the ice, Team USA was defeated by a country that lives and breathes hockey – Canada. Team USA was winning the Women’s Hockey gold medal match from the beginning, but fell short in overtime, settling for silver. Team USA was scoreless against Canada in the Men’s Hockey semifinals, only to be beaten once again 5-0 in the bronze medal match against Finland. That’s two gold medals for Canada and none for USA.

Snowboarding Slopestyle: New to the Olympics but not Difficult for USA

Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenburg will go down in history as the first gold medalists competing in Women’s and Men’s Slopestyle. It was an honor for Americans to win the first gold medals ever in this event. Jamie Anderson has since appeared on talk shows as Sage Kotsenburg requested to have a medal made out of bacon.

This Speedskater’s Not So Speedy After All

Shani Davis, two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 1000-meter event, joined Shaun White as another athlete who was cut short of a three peat in Sochi. Finishing in 8th place, Davis may just face the end of a career.

Bobsledding Olympic History for Women

Team USA Women’s Bobsledding team may not have won gold, but they did win silver and bronze in the event – the first silver and bronze Women’s Bobsledding wins in USA history. USA-1 Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams were a full second ahead of teammates in USA-2 Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans, but that isn’t why their names have been buzzing around. Meyers is the first woman to win two bobsledding medals for team USA, while Williams became the fifth Olympian to have medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics.


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