The Story Behind Homeless Youth

The Harbinger

By Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

Samantha Diaz ran away from home at age sixteen. She lived in a foster home that was so abusive that she preferred homelessness.   She spent days wandering the streets with a gang of friends, depending on strangers’ compassion and their willingness to give money to buy food. They were all runaways, escaping the people who pledged to help them, but hurt them instead.

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Prince Charming

“I can’t believe you would pull a stunt like that back there!”

“Me? Look at yourself in the mirror ‘Evil Queen,’ because you’re not what people call ‘perfection.’”

He did not just say that? He doesn’t know the meaning of perfection if it was a sledge hammer that hit him across the face. “At least I know how to act around in public and not let jealousy take over my body.”

Ethan turns to face me and for the first time – the first time in a while actually – he was staring into my eyes. Isn’t that what every girl dreams for? Having that one, tall, blond man with bright blue eyes staring deeply into yours, just enough where it is considered romantic and ‘dreamy.’

This wasn’t one of those times. I recommend not going out “soul searching” for those blue eyes; they can be tainted behind the contact lens. Continue reading “Prince Charming”

Fact Checking the SOTU

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Barack Obama

By Kaitlyn Pujols

If you happened to be scrolling through your social media January 20th you would know that President Obama delivered his state of the union address. In this speech Obama did his fair share of cherry picking facts and exaggerating to shed a better light on his presidency.

The fact that “more than half of manufacturing executives have said they’re actively looking to bring jobs back from China.” is overblown to say the least and a survey showed that most expressed “interest” in it but never deeply considered bringing jobs back from China. This statement is in reference to a study made back in August of 2014 which only included 252 senior manufacturing executives. And while more than half of the executives said they were “interested” in bringing jobs back from China only 16% actively began bringing jobs back from over seas.This is partially due to the fact…

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Extremist Group Attacks the Press in France

The Harbinger

One of the last satirical images drawn by Charlie Hebdo's editor, Charb. One of the last images drawn by Charlie Hebdo’s editor, Charb, satirizing Muslim terrorists.

By Christian Steiner

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine that makes fun of Christians, Jews, Muslims and themselves. Two extremists entered the building of the magazine company in Paris, France and open fired on those inside; it cost 12 employees their lives, with many more fatally wounded in what President Hollande is calling “a terrorist attack” by Muslim extremists.

The two gunmen could be heard shouting in French from a nearby building. “We avenged the prophet Muhammad! We killed Charlie Hebdo! Allahu Akbar!” or “God is great.”

Charb, one of the main cartoonists and editors of Charlie Hebdo, received regular death threats for his work but said, “I am not afraid of retaliation. I have no wife, no kids, no car, no credit. It perhaps sounds a bit pompous, but I prefer to die standing…

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