Children in the Prime of their Youth


Patient 666

Broken tooth, plum-size baseball blocking my eyesight, and an empty stomach. I’m thrown in here forced to share the same categorization alongside these…these…barbarians! Can a human like myself experience the God given freedom of society and not entrapment?

It’s not like these halls offer such freedom. Rusty, metal floorboards are suspended over the heads of these poor, hopeless souls. Twenty-seven car robbers, thirty-four stabbers, seven murders, three serial killers, about sixteen or seventeen cases of PTSD, a few “Daddy and Mommy” issues, and one case of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

But this has to be a misdiagnosis, right? I’m only myself and no one else. They have the wrong girl!

Toot toot! Toot toot! “You there.” Toooooot! “Don’t move any further. What do you think you are doing outside of your cell—I-I mean home.”

“Home? Like that six by ten square can ever be called home,” I replied, trying not to sound distasteful. Of course it was Madame “What’s her Face,” running over with her stained knee socks and messy top knot.

“666 how did you manage to step outside,” What’s her Face said. I refused to make an effort in learning her name the first day. “All patients—so-sorry I meant members. I have to stop saying patients. Anyways, as I was saying: all members were required to stay in their corridors until Cleansing Hour.”

“I let myself out. Upset? What jurisdiction do you have? Oh, that’s right. None. Now let me get some air; as you people are unaware of, it gets claustrophobic inside, even with bars as a door.”

“Come with me 666, you’re going back to your home,” the hag cried. She reaches for my arm to drag my body back through the rat infested halls.

“My name is Anna you worthless piece of flesh. Don’t you dare touch me!”

“First the honesty and now that language? Doctor Shula will be pleased to hear you are expressing your feelings. That’s major improvement on your part 666.”

“It’s Anna! Annabella Hendrix! The Mayor’s daughter! I command you set me free at this instant,” I yelled.

My father runs this city! This bucked tooth, hairy Cyclops needs to understand that I don’t belong here. My friends are depressed without my presence. I don’t belong here; I was drugged, poisoned, confused probably. Brian’s death was not my doing. I don’t belong here…

“Now now, no need to get hostile—”


“Why, where has the day flow by? Look at the time.”

Ding….Ding….Ding…. Can this gong just fall and crush this woman so I don’t have to be hear, behind the gates of Hell, listening to her annoying yapping.

“Time to freshen up. Follow me 666.”

“I know where I’m going. Don’t treat me like these monsters.

It’s just for the summer, I thought. A few more weeks here and then I’m free to act like a teenager, to act like a kid, to act like myself. I don’t deserve this kind of torment and abuse. They chain us to these uncomfortable table cloth garments, meant to pass off at clothes. Yuck! Who wears canvas or duck anymore—


Owww my head. Great, time to check off migraine from my To Do List.

“Are you alright 666?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just hoping my skull doesn’t crack open from that pipe. That is not the right way to be killed,” I answered.

Shocked, this lady opened the door and begins to talk to this random guy behind a counter. After a couple of minute I supposed the weird lady just looked at me and walked away.

The room is bright enough to be blinded instantaneously. So this is how bright it must be when humans die. Besides being thrown in a wood shredder and distributed in petite mailboxes, Brain went blind too? Cool.

“Who do you have for me Carl,” said this voice coming from behind me

“Doctor Shula, you have Patient number 666 – Annabella Hendrix. Seventeen. Brown hair, Brown eyes. Five foot three. Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

“Ah Anna, so good to see you again. I hear you are opening yourself up more. Wonderful news! Please, tell me more about this phenomenon,” said the doctor.

He looks not much older than thirty-five with those glasses on his head. Imagine hammering an eight-inch long nail through his enormous head, soon flooding with blood as he bleeds internally, unable to comprehend what is going on as his brain now has a hole through it. That would be far more blood that that coming from my mouth during breakfast.

“Um…Annabella? Are you there,” he asked confusingly.

“Who’s Annabella…I’m Kim”

Play-By-Play on Super Bowl XLIX

An eventful, edge-of-your-seat Super Bowl was held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Punches were thrown, touchdowns were made, and a very happy Tom Brady cried tears of joy as the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks 24-21 and was declared the Super Bowl’s MVP.

A beautiful performance of “America the Beautiful” and the National Anthem by John Legend and Idina Menzel start off an epic, match-up for the ages.

First Quarter:                                       

The Seattle Seahawks won the coin toss but preferred to allow the New England Patriots receive the “properly inflated” football. With all scandal behind, the Patriots was the first team of the night to make it within Field Goal range, and on their second run. What would have been a touchdown pass to Julian Edelman, landed in the hands of Seahawk Jeremy Lane for an interception, diminishing any chance the Patriots had of scoring early on. A slow start an eventful game to come, both teams remained scoreless with little yards gained.

Second Quarter:

Another missed touchdown. The Patriots, on second and ten, were millimeters away of a short but sweet pass to the touchdown zone. That didn’t stop Tom Brady’s forces in their tracks. As they inch closer to a lead, wide receiver Brandon LaFell caught the eleven-yard touchdown pass. A 65-yard scoring drive pushed the Patriots in the lead, 7-0.

With time dwindling down, the Seahawks pumped-up their forces for a forty-four yard pass to come near touchdown zone. A running pass by Marshawn Lynch tied the game at 7-7. In hopes to regain the lead by halftime, the Patriots land another touchdown deep in the field with 31-seconds left. A successful catch by the Patriots’ Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski only brought up the Seahawks moral and game efficiency. With six seconds left until the half, Russell Wilson threw a bullet like pass to Chris Matthews, closing off the second quarter, and first half, with the game tied 14-14.

Third Quarter:

A power pass to Chris Matthews, the Seattle Seahawks come close enough to score a twenty-seven yard field goal, giving them their first lead of the night. The Seahawks put pressure on the Patriots shoulders, who aren’t able to complete a pass to Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski and instead result in another interception. Already in Patriots’ territory, Russell Wilson only needed to do a few passes to have the football land in Doug Baldwin’s hands for another Seattle touchdown, extending the lead 24-14.

Fourth Quarter:

A slow start for the Patriots, who are trailing behind the Seahawks. It’s not until halfway through the quarter where they pick up pace, scoring a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola, shortening the Seahawks lead to 21-24. With their spirits up, the Patriots’ run doesn’t end here. With almost two minutes left to go, the Patriots score another touchdown of the night, giving them the lead once again after a twelve point deficit. Needing a touchdown to win, the Seahawks came a yard away from Super Bowl victory. An interception and a fist throwing fight seconds later, the Seahawks lose their chance of becoming defending NFL Champions.

Halftime (Katy Perry):

Another phenomenal Pepsi sponsored Halftime Show. A roaring robotic Lion in a field of glowing, inflatable balls, being ridden by the star of the show – Katy Perry – opens up the show. A powerful performance of one of her number one hits “Roar” is closed off with an actual roar of a lion. The metallic lion is gone and replaces with metallic dancers, performing to the 2014 smash hit “Dark Horse” from her latest album Prism.

The famous Lenny Kravitz, American-rocker and “Cinna” in the Hunger Games saga, played the guitar and sang along to a rock version of a throwback hit to Katy Perry’s first days on the music scene: “I Kissed A Girl.”

The rock scene gets a touch of west coast vibe, with dancing palm trees, beach balls, and sharks to correlate with a mix of “California Girls” and “Teenage Dream.” “I’m the only person in Super Bowl history to bring a lion and sharks to the show,” Perry said earlier this week.

With a surprised appearance by Missy Elliot, Katy Perry’s vocals flowed nicely with the legend’s chart topping hits “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work it” of the 2000s. She closed off the show with a rousing rendition of “Firework,” accompanied with real fireworks going off around her has she circled the crowd while flying through the air. The definition of a Super Bowl halftime performance.