Brady Deflate-Gate Bait

The Harbinger

By Christian Steiner

The New England Patriots are the reigning Super Bowl champions and have received the Lombardi trophy three times in a row. They are known for their winning streak and their win against the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC championship of last year’s playoffs seemed no different from their others.

However, during this game, it has also been concluded that they intentionally deflated balls- a direct violation of NFL rules.

The team has been under investigation since it was found that all twelve balls used during the game were under the 12.5 PSI minimum set by the NFL.

Attorney Tom Wells was assigned to the investigation and reported last week that the deflation was almost certainly intentional and it was probable that quarterback Tom Brady was involved.

The New England Patriots were fined $1,000,000 and lost a first-round draft pick in 2016 and one in the fourth-round during…

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Miami Marlins building a Lasting Empire

When one door closes, another one opens as April marked the beginning of another eventful Major League Baseball season.

With new editions to the team—Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich, Ichiro Suzuki—the Miami Marlins are rebranding the franchise in hopes to reach the playoff and bring the Commissioner’s Trophy back to Miami. Although the Miami Marlins, once known as the Florida Marlins, have not been in the position to be up against some of the best teams in the playoffs in recent years, they have formed together an image that puts them as contenders for the MLB World Championships. Continue reading “Miami Marlins building a Lasting Empire”

“Mi Pais” Short Documentary

President Obama’s immigration reform has been the center of debate for years as he attempts to fix much of the broken judicial system. As some believe that grave consequences are to come, there are benefits for both the country and the undocumented Americans. Together, the nation can improve as a whole and maintain stability. With the recent debate over the status of these undocumented Americans living in the United States, the nation is at a divide over what should be done for the people. Along with my fellow classmates Ana Mijares and Edysmar Diaz-Cruz, we filmed a short documentary explaining to viewers the situation and providing the effects a possible “amnesty” can provide.

Baltimore Riots Causes Violence and Looting in City’s Streets

The Harbinger

by Elizabeth Martinez

Freddie Gray, who mysteriously died from a spinal injury in police custody on April 19, was laid to rest Monday morning. Immediately following the burial, violent riots broke out  beginning in West Baltimore, and by midnight, reached East and Downtown Baltimore.

At least 20 officers were wounded in the unrest, with one person in critical condition. In total, 144 cars were burned, according to the Mayor’s office, a few being police cars. Stores were looted as well.

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Miami Marlins Ballpark

Every since I was a baby, my family has made it an effort to bring sports into my life. But there is something about baseball that holds a very deep place in my heart. If I ever had to choose between watching my favorite team in person, batting the traffic of Downtown, or from the comfort of my living room, I’ll choose in person. The environment is different; it feels like home. If they are not the Florida Marlins or the Miami Marlins, attending the games have, and always will be, a family tradition of ours.

Stephen Curry accepts MVP Award, thanks family, talks journey (VIDEO)


[nbcsports_video src= width=620 height=349]

Monday it became official: Stephen Curry is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

He accepted the award at a ceremony at the Warriors’ facility Monday. Above are the highlights; I’m not sure we have the bandwidth to show everyone he thanked. It was a genuine, touching speech talking about his father, former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry, as well as his family. He also talked about the obstacles he had to overcome to get to that podium.

Curry’s story is one of player development, of determination, of putting in the effort, and then coming into an NBA and a team that bet on him (remember the early ankle injuries?) and knew how to best take advantage of those skills.

[nbcsports_video src= width=620 height=349]

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