Miami Marlins building a Lasting Empire

When one door closes, another one opens as April marked the beginning of another eventful Major League Baseball season.

With new editions to the team—Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich, Ichiro Suzuki—the Miami Marlins are rebranding the franchise in hopes to reach the playoff and bring the Commissioner’s Trophy back to Miami. Although the Miami Marlins, once known as the Florida Marlins, have not been in the position to be up against some of the best teams in the playoffs in recent years, they have formed together an image that puts them as contenders for the MLB World Championships.

“We assembled a group that we think has real all-star talent on it,” said Joel Mael, Vice Chairman of the Miami Marlins. “We’re willing to take the risk in buying [players] out of a couple of years of free agency and their arbitration years.”

In order to thrive for success and improve, one must fall and fail. As this season is statistically played out, the Miami Marlins will endure more victories than their 77-game winning season from last year. The games won in the opening week were slim to none with only one game out of six.

This provides a negative image of the team and leads people to believe that this is the same team as the year before, with no plans on becoming a success story. Judgements are made on six games out of a 158-game season. Trading between teams happen throughout, players can be lowered or raised to and from the Minor League, injuries are year round.

“There are [expectations], but for us, it’s always the same thing,” said Marlins pitcher A. J. Ramos. “We go in with the same mentality every year—to win a championship. So nothing really changes for us. It just changes for people that see us. Maybe their outlook is changing, but our outlook is still the same.”

Their star player, Giancarlo Stanton, was the homerun and slugging percentage leader in the league. He recently signed a 13-year, $ 325 million contract extension, the biggest deal in sports history. Outfielder Christian Yelich agreed to a seven-year deal, allowing the Miami Marlins to retain more of their talent for the future.

To mark a star players, he needs a star-studded team. The owner Jeffrey Loria has invested time and money into this team. The players are set, the marking is there, the fans are in attendance.

Many possibilities are present and it’s too soon to tell what is in store for the Miami Marlins. A rough start is just that, a start. The end is where it all matters as the team is in the mist of developing an “Empire” in search for another Championship victory.

“It’s going to turn around,” said Christian Yelich. “All you can do is really just keep battling, keep grinding…That’s how baseball works. Get your butt kicked and then you have to turn the page ‘cause it’s coming right back at you the next day. That’s what we’re going to do. I’m proud of these guys for fighting. We’re going to be all right.”


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