GOP Debate: Reflection

This GOP Debate appeared to be a “joke” for Donald Trump, bluntly speaking his mind in an ignorant and self-absorbed matter. The American system is broke, I’ll give him that, and needs to be fixed in order for the nation to grow; however, his answer was illogical and his portrayal to the public eye is providing a significantly negative image for the Republican Party.

It seems that the Democratic Party, although having multiple candidates, will have Hillary Clinton be their representative as the Democratic nominee. The Republicans, on the other hand, are up against the wall. With Trump raising his hand at the start of the debate, it made it clear to me what was at stake. Trump would run his independent campaign if he is not the Republican nominee (even though he is leading the polls as of last night). The votes would be split as the potentials in favor of the Republicans would vote for Trump instead. The Republicans would lose numbers for their side and would provide a clear pathway for the Democrats to win the Presidency again.

In the topic of Hillary Clinton, it appears that her name was being mentioned more times than actual answers to the questions being asked by Fox news. Marco Rubio made a pretty clear point as to how “this election cannot be a resume competition” because “[Hillary] Clinton will win.”

To me, he was the clear winner of the night, yet this comment can be seen from a negative standpoint. He indirectly stated that the only person qualified for the Presidency was Hillary–a Democrat–downgrading his standards and expertise as well as that of his fellow candidates. Marco Rubio is a “flip-flopper” like the rest of the candidates on either party line, and would climb up the political ladder but with time. In a few years or so he will be a major contender in the political spectrum. Just not yet.

What was gravely disappointing was the lack of social issue related questions at the GOP Debate, such as racism, gender, and police brutality. This is an important topic to discuss upon as the people are in search for answers while the system is not taking action. The basic and “traditional” questions on abortion and immigration had more air time then the main issues that need to be answered. The nation is more divided on those matters then on that of an improved police force to secure the rights of the people. 

The standard answers were given to the standard questions being asked. But little to none were given to the questions that weren’t. 


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