From Rentals to Riedel’s: A Guide to Entering the World of Figure Skating

Stephanie Brito


As the 2014 Olympics unravel, the effects of the most popular–and perhaps most captivating–sport is evident: the lines at public skating locations are at an all-time long. This event inspires many people to go skating with their friends and family and some, to pursue figure skating, either recreationally or competitively.

The transition from the occasional public skater to the weekly skater is one that should not be taken lightly. The difficulties faced by those entering a field that consists of tight-knit friendships that have blossomed for years are not small. But, there are some things that a beginner can do to ensure that they enter the universe of figure skating.

Buying the first pair of skates 

This is perhaps one of those most strenuous parts of beginning to skate seriously. It takes a while to understand the way that figure skates work and to determine which are good and which…

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