OP-ED: Online Fantasy Sports are another version of Gambling

The real winners of professional sports are not the quarterbacks or the coach or the fans. They may be earning millions at the end of the night, but live in a fantasy if they are to believe they are the ones winning it all. It is exactly that, a fantasy. Continue reading “OP-ED: Online Fantasy Sports are another version of Gambling”


Miami Marlins welcome the New York Yankees

Being a Miami Marlins fan, seeing your team play in a stadium that was filled to the roof was such a pleasure. One would even forget to be upset at people who happened to be sitting down in your seats (Section 225, Row 2) all in hopes of cheering on Stanton and the team, together. However, with the Marlins leading the Yankees 8-0 in the first inning — yes I did say the first inning — most of these fans appeared to be part of a great Houdini disappearing act.

The stadium wasn’t filled with Marlins fans, but the Yankee fans from five minutes ago. All because they are the Yankees they gain the support Miami lacks. With each strike, a row emptied out. All that remained were peanut shells and years of dedication from the time of the Florida Marlins.

Miami Marlins building a Lasting Empire

When one door closes, another one opens as April marked the beginning of another eventful Major League Baseball season.

With new editions to the team—Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich, Ichiro Suzuki—the Miami Marlins are rebranding the franchise in hopes to reach the playoff and bring the Commissioner’s Trophy back to Miami. Although the Miami Marlins, once known as the Florida Marlins, have not been in the position to be up against some of the best teams in the playoffs in recent years, they have formed together an image that puts them as contenders for the MLB World Championships. Continue reading “Miami Marlins building a Lasting Empire”

Miami Marlins Ballpark

Every since I was a baby, my family has made it an effort to bring sports into my life. But there is something about baseball that holds a very deep place in my heart. If I ever had to choose between watching my favorite team in person, batting the traffic of Downtown, or from the comfort of my living room, I’ll choose in person. The environment is different; it feels like home. If they are not the Florida Marlins or the Miami Marlins, attending the games have, and always will be, a family tradition of ours.